Finally, the collision bugs from yesterday are fixed !!!

I found the  source of the bug is from unity log. So In unity 2019, looks like they does not load a game object in the sequence it was build in. In my case, my player's leg is firstly loaded instead of its container with the scripts... this breaks the whole thing , so I need to explicitly tell unity using transform.root

So in this update you have:

- Fixed collision system

-All levels I currently have built

- Improved particles

- Improved UI (I hope...)

Sad news is that I forgot to put the font in the cover art into Photoshop... so I redo the font today, which I think is not as good as the old one...A lesson learnt here ...

Hope you all enjoy the game and look forward to your feedbacks!


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Oct 31, 2019 28 MB
Nov 02, 2019

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