Enemies die with one punch, but you only have one health. Can you survive in this bullet-hell game?

How to play:

X to shoot

arrow keys to move around

Install instructions

X to shoot

arrow keys to move around

upzip the file, open GMTKJame.exe


OneDeadlyPunch_V1.zip 19 MB

Development log


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The movement acceleration is a bit frustrating

Hi there, thanks a lot for the feedback! :D

Can you suggest us how to improve the movement?  Many thanks again!


Hi, sure. In bullet hell games having precise movement is generally really necessary, so instead of using acceleration based movement you should just have the position adjusted by a fixed amount while a button is held. With acceleration if I try to get to a location and let go, I will continue sliding for a small amount of time meaning I may end up sliding into a bullet. Additionally you can add a speed modifier key to reduce your speed when there are many bullets on the screen. Also with acceleration if I need to move quickly to a location there is ramp up time, and in general getting to locations you want to becomes a lot harder.  You did a good job with the game putting the movement aside though.

Many thanks for the advice! That's very insightful! :D