A game made for Game Off.

Switching between 2 playable character leap and bound to solve puzzles.  I spent around a week to build the game.

For leap:

left/right move

c jump

For bound:

a/d move

space to switch between characters

There is a few bugs left in the game

Anyway hope you like it and please leave feedback! :D


GameOff_PC.zip 20 MB


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I like the idea of this game, as Greggolas mentioned before me, the physics of the characters could definitely do with some refining but overall it's not too bad.

leap when hitting walls you get stuck, this can be resolved by adding a material with no friction, however the character won't slow down on the floor then so either apply it to the wall, or implement a custom friction routine for it, and the velocity of bound was crazy fast but I enjoyed it enough to play all the levels :)

Hi there!

Thanks for the feedback! We will definitely improve our controls and physics in the future! :D

I love the look of this and the two character idea! I think there is maybe something wrong with the movement speed for Bound in the browser version. When I move them side to side, the velocity is crazy! Might be intentional, but I couldn't tell.

Hi there!

Thanks for the feedback! We noticed that as well and will definitely fix it in the future! :D