A downloadable game for Windows

A simple endless shoot-em up made with UE4 blueprint and Houdini.

Plot Summary

The world is invaded by a bunch of deadly virus.

Everyone is panicking, and the future is unknown.

However, only you can save them.

Eliminate all the virus and save the humanity.


AD for move left/right

space to shoot

mouse to rotate spaceship and click

Brief Postmortem

This is my first attempt in building an UE game. I've been learning Houdini for about 2 weeks now, this game is also my first attempt into make stuff in Houdini. I am extremely happy to participate HoudiniJam2020 and meet an incredibly talented community! I will keep on updating the game, so definitely keep an eye out!

Follow me on twitter at: https://twitter.com/GamesOphelia for more upcoming updates.

Bugs, Issues and What can be improved:

  • Player can rotate 360 degrees
  • In preview mode, sometimes enemies won't spawn. I am not exactly sure of why this happened
  • It is quite barebone at this stage, I plan to work more on the enemies (add AI behaviour, more varieties of enemies)
  • Currently no music is in the game, I will add some musics in soon.

Many thanks for play my game, please leave me some feedback!


houdini-jam-2020-win64.zip 101 MB
Version 1 33 days ago
houdini-jam-2020-houdini.zip 76 kB
Version 1 33 days ago

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